CORE Studios

As a veteran who served for most of my adult life I gravitate towards like minded individuals who continue to serve even after their time in the military is up. As an American, it also make me proud to see civilians involved and championing the cause of those who served our great country. The services offered by CORE Studios fill a void that neither the Veterans Administration or other Non-for Profit Organizations can. The creativity of their projects provide a great outlet for veterans to be a part of and contribute to media and arts as well as support each other. I support this organization, and those involved in it.

Josenel Soto-Merced
US Army Sgt (ret)

Josenel Soto-Merced

CORE Studios has provided veterans like myself a platform to tell our own individual stories. They have helped me tell my story through the use of media, and I appreciate and commend all the work this organization is putting in to helping veterans.

Initially, I had a hard time sharing my own story of things that caused me much pain while I was in the service to our country! However, I am glad I was brought into this organization and given this platform to speak on! I support CORE Studios 100%.

Malaetasi Deutsch Puu
US Army (ret)
9 time deployment combat veteran

Malaetasi Deutsch Puu

My transition out of the military was not the smoothest. When I was discharged I thought it would be just as simple as what the transition readiness classes explained. Write an awesome resume, get hired, make money. One thing they left out is the fact that while there may be veteran's preference in the hiring process that doesn't guarantee a job.

CORE Studios has given me opportunities to gain a competive edge in the job market. From resume help to finding a start to my career, they have helped and were there to mentor me all throughout the whole process. The help I received from them is amazing. I have the utmost appreciation and can not thank them enough. It's amazing to see the start of something great that helps miitary veterans and to be a part of it is even better.

Justin-Kainoa P.E. Kealanahele
US Marine Lance Corporal (ret)

Justin Kainoa