CORE Studios


Blending the stories of both the Marvel and Mortal Kombat universes, MK Incursions is our first instructional production created to teach our military clients various skills in the media and technology fields for free, and to involve them to encourage them to try new things in a working environment among their peers.

The production started in 2019, and is slated to run through to the end of December 2020. We will be utilizing, and instructing in, a range of skill sets such as photography, videography, 3D design, costume design, special effects mkeup, and much more.

We are currently fundraising for this production. If interested in donating, please go to our GoFundMe? Any and all help is greatly appreciated and can be used as a tax write off as well.


Larry Mays (Army veteran) as M'Baku

Stacey Grover as Sonya Blade


Jason Rosado (Army veteran) - Creative Lead

C.J (Army veteran) - Costume designer